Dr Felicity Grace - Art of Happiness

Art of Happiness is a Holistic counselling practice based in Mullumbimby in northern NSW.

The practice was established in 2006 by Dr Felicity Grace. She has qualifications and extensive experience in counselling and mental health social work and is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

The foundations of Felicity’s approach to mental health social work and counselling are body-based, holistic and client centred. Her approach is strength focused and builds on the unique inner resources of each client.

Felicity uses techniques such as sound movement and gesture and incorporates artistic therapies including clay, watercolour and sand play to explore strong emotions, heal past traumas, expand current options and future choices and build resilience and well-being for children, adults, groups and families.

Some of the common issues that Felicity has successfully worked with clients to address are:

  • Depression, anxiety, self-sabotage and panic 
  • Couples and Family therapy and Parenting 
  • Secure Attachment and healing Neglect 
  • Grief and Loss and Chronic Illness including cancer 
  • Trauma and recovery including sexual abuse 
  • Complex post-traumatic stress, including dissociation, and recovery including post-traumatic growth